Go limp, kids!

The time is upon us when we get to witness nations around the world compete in the summer Olympic games. I love them. The first games I remember were in Barcelona and I’ve been looking forward to them every four years.

Now, let’s all take one moment to remember the Ravelympics an the controversy that decided to brew this year. I don’t know why this year was such a big deal because the USOC apparently had no problem with it for the past winter and summer Olympics. Whatever. We’re still holding our game/competition thing without any kind of mention/hybrid or mention of the Olympics. We all just happen to cast one one specific project on one specific day and we’ll try to complete it in a set number of days that happen to coincide with the Olympics. Right? I’m calling it the Go Limp, Kids! project. Granted, it’s not my best “sounds-like” charades move but it makes me chuckle.

What I’ve decided to do is a pair of “Bella mittens“from the first Twilight movie. Yes, I saw the movies and I read the books. Get over it. I chose this particular pattern because they look closest to the movie version (which were bought, which the manufacturers happen to still have on display on their website). See, it has the textured palm while others have the stockinette palm. This attention to detail is what sold me.

I’m using Tosh Chunky by Madelinetosh in the color Blackcurrant. It is divine. It’s this deep purple with hints of black and pink and I get giddy just THINKING about working with it.

I had originally decided on some baby alpaca for the mittens but I kind of wanted to pick something a little less delicate and special for mittens I’m most likely going to wear to and from work. I wanted a merino or super wash wool to make a preview pair of mittens (and let’s face it, it may be the only pair of mittens I make) so I could test out the pattern and durability. Luckily, I didn’t read the weight of the Madelinetosh I picked up. My mistake became my greatest asset! Hooray for happy accidents!

I’ve entered it in the Ravellenic Games 2012 under Mitten Medley and I expect great results.


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