Round 2

I know quite a few women who are having babies starting at the end of summer. Of course, I want to knit each new bundle of joy something. At this point, everyone is getting a piece of clothing because I just can’t dedicate that kind of time to eight or so blankets. The only one getting a blanket is my sweet little Rye Guy because I can take an indefinite amount of time making it. Sad but true. And this kind of messes up my recent yarn purchases.

I have several books with baby patterns in them and the cotton I bought is either too big or too small for the age-appropriate patterns I wish to make. I mean, what baby needs a sweater in September? Answer: none of them until October or November depending on location. Better question: what new parent wants to do hand washing for a baby? Answer: none of them, which is why I bought cotton or at least superwash wool so it can, at least, be machine washed. Machine drying wool still freaks me out and I avoid it at all costs. Honestly, too much agitation for wool freaks me out but there’s precious little I can do about that once I give my creations away. Not everyone is as much as a freak about washing instructions as I am. I’m still haunted by a very felted baby alpaca blanket. THE POINT IS, I’ve learned to give be careful in my fiber selection.

Recently, I started on Project 1 for a dear friend who shares my hobby and whose baby shower is next weekend. Ambitious, I know but I already have the largest piece finished. One week to go. Not much will be revealed since she reads this blog but I will say it’s made out of a very bouncy and soft bamboo blend. I have great hope (and a tenacious determination) that I’ll get it done before Saturday since sewing is my biggest obstacle. I can’t get caught thinking, “It’s small. It’ll take no time,” because then it’ll be Saturday and I’ll have to run out and grab a pity Target gift card. I’m not saying I won’t have that, too, but I like to go with something personal, something practical.

I’m very particular about gift-giving.

In the end, I know my creations will go to someone new who won’t know the difference between hand and machine knitting. For me, it’s the love and care that goes into each thing I make. Knitting is a fact of my life that brings me happiness. There’s nothing wrong with spreading a little joy in the world.


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