Retail Therapy

I went yarn shopping–finally. I think the last time I went was in January for the MIL sweater stuff (which I am still sewing). The reason for the trip (there must always be a reason) was because I know no less than seven women who are about to become mothers this summer and beyond. Creating the last batch of blankets was an exciting adventure since I was limited to the resources I already had in my stash. It forced my creativity to take a road less traveled and I liked it. Honest. But I don’t have those constraints this time.

I am free to get the yarn I choose in the color combinations I like. And since half these babies are going to be born this SUMMER I decided to go with cotton. Trust, I know that animal fiber would be better than plant but I can’t be sure the washing instructions would be followed. I can’t take another accidental felting. So I chose washable cotton. There won’t be too much damage inflicted on my creations. Plus, it has to be Baby Functional, a COMPLETELY different category unto itself.

COTTON! Pima Cotton! That’s what I got. And I had to go to two different stores to be satisfied. To be completely honest, I’m a bit of a StoreWhore. I was shown the Pima in the first store but they didn’t have the color combination I needed so I went to Store 2 and found so many colors. SO MANY COLORS!!! I let myself go a little nuts after I found the (correct) red, black and white combination. I ended up buying 14 skeins and had a mini-heart attack after doing some bad math. Luckily, the cashier was a bit more number savvy than my fried little brain and I was able to breathe again when she announced a much more pleasant total. Did I mention that I also made a purchase at the first store? I did.

Yarn purchase inventory for May 2012:
14 skeins Pima cotton
4 skeins superwash Merino wool
5 skeins Superwash hand dyed Merino wool
10 skeins bamboo/nylon

I know it’s a lot but at least I have a plan for the yarn. That makes buying 33 skeins of yarn in one (two) shot(s) better, right? Right. I’ll have baby blankets, toys, hats and clothes exploding from my house and it will be glorious… At least in theory.

Doubt my knitability but my time management. Time is but my greatest enemy.


One thought on “Retail Therapy

  1. I didn't buy as much as you but I had a yarn binge this weekend too! I bought 11 skeins and almost died when she rang me up. But I'm actually really excited to start the projects. If only I had the time to knit! Damn!


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