Three Weeks Late

No, this is not a post about my current family condition. We’re all just fine, thanks. This is to write about the sweater I finished for work three weeks ago.

I used the Rocky Coast sweater pattern and it’s great. I had to make an adjustment here and there because I think a direction or two could have been made a little clearer or maybe I’m just a bit thick. The point is that it’s finished and I’m happy.


My biggest problem is that the raglan sleeve does not make a great shoulder sitter. I think raglans are more suited for shrugs where the inevitable shoulder roll isn’t so noticeable. Anyone who wore baseball T’s knows how fickle shoulder placement on raglan sleeves can be. See, at work, I have a slippery sweater to wear so the sweater either lays on my shoulders and duck tails out in the back or lays normally in the body and slips back on my shoulders. I used to wear jackets like that when I was 12 in that grunge-inspired style that said, “What? I don’t care. I have a flannel shirt tied around my waist. My arms are covered. Go away.” Of course, my mother would take it upon herself to fit the jacket to me the way the manufacturers intended it and hiked my shoulders into place. Every time I feel my sweater slip down I feel a bit like an adult who can’t dress herself. I may have to add buttons or snaps or something. I think that’s a better alternative to making an entirely new sweater (but don’t think that hasn’t crossed my mind. I just don’t have the time to devote to such a fantasy).

I’ve already moved on to my next project: Chris’ yoga mat bag. I’ve had my eye on this pattern ever since I bought Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation many, many years ago. Chris put in a request for a yoga mat bag when I finished one sweater (sadly, I still have to sew up the lace sweater). This was the first thing that came to mind. Unfortunately, most of our books (read all the good ones) are packed away in our garage. They shall be liberated for we decided to take our house off the market after a very torturous and fitful time on the market. No big. We’ll be fine. But now we just have to unload our stuff (read: junk) and get comfy again if not lighten our load a bit. ANYHOW, since the pattern is so old and the internet is such a wonderful place, I now have it on my phone as an easy any-time reference.

I’ll let you know right now, there is no photo yet. I have WIP photos but no finished product glory shot.

And I guess that’s me. What are my friends up to? Oh, THEY’RE having babies. For real. I’m going to become an aunt in September and I have loads of friends who are having babies or have recently had babies. It’s banae-nae. Bear asked me to make a papoose and of course I said yes. But she requested either cotton or acrylic *blech*. Evil, evil acrylic. She does not know that I’ll avoid that stuff at all costs. However, there is an uber soft cotton I could use if only I could find it. Luckily, there will be tons of spring sales and I’m on a sickening amount of knit shop mailing lists (a.k.a. knitter porn) so I’ll be set. I might even have to trek out to L.A. to accomplish my task. SPEAKING OF LA! The Yarn Crawl. I’m missing it. I’m sad. And if I still lived out there or could get the time off work to attend, you get your ass I’d be there. I’m done. Sad but done.

So my new list looks like this:
Yoga mat bag
Sew up the Lace sweater (which I MUST finish by next week since my MIL is visiting starting Saturday night)
baby blanket*
baby blanket*
baby blanket*

*baby blankets may be substituted for any other baby related item.


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