Two Sweaters

Not only am I STILL finishing the MIL sweater, I have another sweater on the needles. My work sweater. I know it’s a bit ridiculous. I should just give up on the work sweater now and concentrate on the MIL sweater but I can’t. I just can’t.

But there is good news. I finally felt the urge to return to the MIL sweater and I finished a sleeve! I think I have about ten more rows to do before it’s all weaving ends and sewing. I’m excited. I mean, here it is already March and I just might end up finishing this thing which would put me ahead of my projected May finish date.

Do I have a finish date for my work sweater? No. All I can do is hope my work sweater ends up useful. It’s not like it will remain unused through the summer. While it’s blistering hot outside it’ll be an ice box inside my work. And at least it’ll be ready for next winter.


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