Knit me twice

So my decision to rip out only the
middle and adjust one stitch to the right has been executed. It took one full day of knitting to get back to where I was yesterday. Fabulous, no exclamation.

The most interesting part is that I randomly ran out of yarn and had too much excess. But everything is alright. A little tweaking was necessary bit nothing scream-worthy happened. I just hope that some of my odder stitches will wash themselves out.

And I owe an apology to the pattern creator. With the one stitch adjustment, all is well in Knitlandia.

Right now I’m working on the body under the sleeves. It’s going pretty quickly but I’ll have to get out and buy a pair of No. 9 and 10.5 dpns before too long. And I’ll have to suck it up and finish the MIL sweater before the time spent on it becomes too embarrassing.

Who am I kidding? It’s already been too long. The real problem occurs when my palate cleansing sweater turns into a cowl, a baby hat with matching blanket and a shawl. It’s a slippery slope, my friends. If I’m not careful this MIL sweater could easily become the project stuck in the bottom of my knitting bag for a year only to be discovered in some post-2012 Apocalypse excavation site where people of the future will wonder at the intricate lace pattern sweater that was never finished. Stories will surround the abandoned sweater like that dog with the bagel in Pompeii. It will hang in a museum, slightly tattered but still a monument to the hand craft movement of the early 21st century. My spirit will haunt it with the mantra IF ONLY I’D FINISHED IT WHEN I HAD THE CHANCE. No, that is nit a future I want. SO! I’ll be switching between the two like some kind if confused girlfriend trying to choose between two lovers. Only my story has a happy ending for everyone. *giggle*


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