Revenge of the Raglan Sweater or FUCK YOU, too!

I have two projects on the needles. It needed to happen. I’m at the point of the sleeves on the MIL sweater where I need to measure it out and that makes for a difficult project on-the-go. Enter the new sweater. A sweater. Really? Another one? Yes. Lay off.

But this is no ordinary sweater. It’s the top-down raglan cables sweater from hell! My saga goes something like this:

I took out the left front side because I didn’t like the cable placement being closer to the raglan seam instead of the outer edge. Next, I ripped out four inches of work because I misplaced a whole line of cables. Now I’m at the point where I need to place the sleeves on holders and knit the body together and I find my cables in the middle to be slightly off! And by slightly, I mean that I have four stitches leftover on one side and two on the other with one row of increases omitted. But I have general problems with the pattern anyhow.

Plenty of Ravelers love this project and have knot it. Shoot, there’s even an entire group committed to knitting it together. But in my opinion, it’s at least poorly edited if not poorly written. I have to say that the math adds up on paper but not in practice. Someone seems to have forgotten that six stitches to start minus one stitch for the increase and one stitch for selvage DOES NOT EQUAL SIX STITCHES!

Problem number two is that I don’t end up where I need to be when I get to the combined stitch increase/cable row marker.

Problem three: WHO THE HELL DIS THE MATH, HERE? I’m sure the sample was great but I’m not knitting the sample. I’m knitting the next size up. Perhaps I’m alone in my griping and I’m missing something but whatever the case, I’m just not getting it.

It pains me to even suggest frogging and starting from scratch so I won’t. However, what I am going to do is essentially the same thing. I plan on placing the sides on needles and ripping out the whole middle section to re-do so my math works out. Although, ripping it all out is a seductive yet heartbreaking solution. What to do, what to do…

Whatever my solution, it’ll involve some Ravelry, some cursing and a lot of practice of Zen knitting.


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