I used to knit.

Life with three children under the age of five is tough. Add in a job and it becomes tougher. I don’t get to see my family nearly as much as I’d like which also means I miss out on some husband time, too.

I’m only part time which means I usually work three days a week. However, our season has commenced and I’m becoming more useful thanks to cross-training. This means more work days and a rather unpredictable week-to-week schedule. I don’t mind. I can suffer a little separation if it means I can pay for preschool. It makes familial time that much sweeter. What I can’t stand is a lack of knitting time.

I’ve been knitting this MIL sweater since mid-November. The two-month mark creeps ever closer and I’m still down one sleeve and finishing. Under normal circumstances, I’d be done and the reason for my tardiness in sending it would be my inability to get to the post in a timely fashion. It’s taken too long and it’s slowly killing me.

Let’s do some knitting math:

The last sweater I made was for my two-year-old and it took eight weeks. At least two of those weeks were spent procrastinating pockets.
End result: six good weeks of knitting power.

6 weeks x 2.5 times the size = 15 weeks of knitting.

Translation: This thing won’t be going out until March. MARCH!

Completely unacceptable. January is my end game. I can deal with that.

I have more project promises piling up and my current time-to-project ratio is ridiculous. I need to either find more time to knit or scale down my project sizes. If I don’t, I feel like I’ll give it up and become one of those people who see other people craft and comment, “I used to do that.”

That simply cannot happen.


One thought on “I used to knit.

  1. I never really leave my house so my problem isn't that I'm gone, but rather I'm home and prefer to knit over cooking, cleaning, bathing. . .
    . . . And of course pattern searches ( which is almost as fun as knitting)


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