Pushed to the limit

My knitting has taken a hit. A major hit. Anyone who knows a diehard knitter knows that everything comes secondarily to knitting. If I have a spare moment in the day, I’ll extend it out to include knitting. Really, you should see me cradle a baby while knitting. But I’ve had to put my knitting down and focus my attentions on the house. Yes, we’re still packing and cleaning and finalizing so we can put the house on the market. I wish it were done already. And it will be. Soon. Very soon. We’re taking a long weekend to clean. The two older boys will go to Gran’s house so Chris and I can stay home and power through cleaning. We’ve needed this weekend for a month but illness has gotten in the way.

It has been a month-long battle of immune systems. Between the children and I, it’s been one swirling cesspool of colds, allergies and a chicken pox threat. But we got through it. Actually, we’re still getting through it. Then yesterday hit. I became physically exhausted.

It’s the second time it has happened and it’s not a big deal as long as I take care of myself. It started with being tired, moved on to all-over chills and ended with a ridiculous amount of clothing and a nap. I’ve been exhausted before and I hoped I wouldn’t fall prey to it this time but I did. Oh, I did. And that’s okay. I can deal. But that has put me very behind on my knitting.

Last month’s brilliant idea to start a sweater for a Christmas gift would have been perfectly timed if I didn’t have to get a house ready to sell. But it will all be over soon. We’re getting this place on the market before Christmas, no exceptions. I need to get back on a regular workout schedule and knitting pace. If I don’t, no one will be happy because we all know if Mom isn’t happy, no one is happy.

I might make the sweater a New Year sweater. It’ll be a new thing. Christmas presents aren’t late. They’re just New Year presents. I like it. You should, too. Adopt it and tell everyone about it. New Year’s presents! They’ll be huge.


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