Anorexic Grocery Shopping

Last year I was on a yarn fast and though it was tough at times to create solely from my stash, I did it. This year I have all my options open and a nice part-time job that bank rolls my mini-shopping sprees on yarn. To date, I’ve had three. However, I’ve only purchased yarn with purpose.

In the past I would buy yarn I thought was pretty with no concept of how much yardage was needed to make adult-sized sweaters. I ended up with a lot of scarf yarn but now I need a little more than that since I have little use for scarves.

The Yarn Fast taught me to implement one of my favorite practices: dry runs a.k.a. browsing. I admit that I’m not the greatest yarn browser. I partially blame my proximity to yarn stores. The closest one is 30 minutes away by car. Having to travel so far for yarn TWICE drives me a little nuts. But, with a little help from my handy dandy iPhone that is no longer an issue. My excitement over this is ridiculous because I joined the 21st century a little over a month ago when I purchased my very first smart phone. Now if I find a yarn I like I can look on my Ravelry queue and pick the best project to fit the yarn. Problem solved. My new problem is denying the desire to buy yarn.

Clearly, I’m not compulsive since I’ve proven I can exercise a little restraint. But the holidays have descended and there are a ton of deals out there. Half priced mystery yarn boxes from Craftsy. A five month shawl of the month club from my favorite NYC yarn shop that includes yarn, patterns and shipping. Back room sales galore! How could I pass these offers up?

But I must. It’s like being an anorexic shopping for groceries: though I want it and nothing is stopping me, I’ll still say no and be on my way.

Responsibility. Sometimes it blows.


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