Fun times with Woolite

I finished my cowl a few days ago. HOORAY! I even wore it to work twice. I must say, despite it being lacey, it kept my face remarkably warm on my 52º bike ride to work.

Why have I kept this nugget of triumph to myself? Because I hadn’t washed it, therefore it wasn’t ready for public displays of pride. Now it is. Actually, lots of things are washed.

I took the time to do some hand-knit hand washing. In the mix:

My lace cowl

The first color change work I ever did.
You can see where I was confused about wrapping in the back and where I figured it out.
Cabled baby hat
The first thing I knit for Turtle, December ’07.
Double-breasted coat with pockets. Size: 6 mos.

My great discovery: the beautiful green Epiphany yarn is not colorfast. This means that the color bled and turned the washing water a bit green. However, I don’t think much damage was done. I don’t see any green tinges on its wash-mates. It’s a small victory for knitkind.

Another discovery: my first-ever knit color-change scarflet is now a full-fledged scarf! It’s made out of baby alpaca and while I find that most animal fibers tend to stretch out a bit after the first washing, this is ridiculous. At least it’s a scarf where length is the goal instead of a sweater where I’d be screwed if it grew this much. FYI, the scarf used to be half the length it is right now.

Unfortunately now, I’m a little worried about the lace sweater I’m making for my MIL.

Oh well. There is nothing left to do but forge ahead and hope for the best. Two-and-a-half weeks to go!


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