Finish something, already!

I’ve fallen into a Knitter’s Purgatory. I have all these projects I’d like to accomplish, some with soft deadlines, some with hard deadlines and some for the heck of it. I wouldn’t call my Mental Queue stressful or even daunting. It’s more of an… escalation which is slightly worse, in my opinion. This brings me to the Knitter’s Purgatory. This is when there are several projects on the needles but none of them are finished.

I hit “several” the other day when I cast on for my MIL’s sweater

before finishing my cowl.

And, of course, I can’t leave out the abandoned shawlette.

Three makes several. Excuses? Oh, I have plenty. One is good, the rest are lame.


2 thoughts on “Finish something, already!

  1. Hahaha! When I first read MIL sweater, I thought it said M1L.. and I thought ” that sounds interesting. ” what a dork.

    I give you credit. At least your projects are started! I have o e on needles and like 5 floating about my brain. And because nights here are so cold I keep pushing necessary projects back farther!


  2. I'm teh queen of not finishing projects so if you want to feel better just ask what I've got going on! The cowl is almost done though, I os love that color it's beautiful!


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