My Victory! My Defeat.

After I went on my little yarn binge on the 14th, I decided to do a little internet comparison shopping to see how much of a price difference there was. Be advised: internet comparisons are dangerous and should be dealt with accordingly. I, however, was not prepared. I discovered that I paid $6 per skein over internet prices. I’m all for LYS shopping but this is ridiculous! Surely, shipping and handling would not cost $36 were I to order over the internet. For crying out loud, it’s yarn! It doesn’t weigh much!

Once I recovered from the shock and picked myself up from the floor, I decided to call the other LYS’s in the area and compare that way. I always try to go local where I can touch it myself rather than rush straight to the internet. Harriet’s Yarn is notoriously overpriced, in my opinion. Ewe ‘n Me (where I recently made my purchase) is new and far from me and overpriced as I found out the hard way. The Yarn Co. is small and stuffed to the gills with yarn but reasonably priced. All three places have beautiful luxury yarn as well as some more basic stuff that’s still quite lovely. But the Yarn Co. and Ewe ‘n Me are the stores who carry that delicious Epiphany by Cascade Yarns.

Ewe ‘n Me: $6 above internet price
The Yarn Co.: $1 over internet price.

I’ve struck GOLD! Immediately, I was washed over with thoughts of making a return at Ewe ‘n Me and purchasing the same stuff at The Yarn Co. with a $42 savings (including tax). Chris, however, brought me down to earth. I have to thank him because he suggested I go to the Yarn Co. first to see if they had what I wanted. Good man. So, that’s what I did.

Today I went to make my trek through the desert for a $42 savings and came up just a tad bit short. Yes, the Yarn Co. did have what I wanted in stock but not in the color I originally chose. My color options were Wheat, Silver Grey and Teal. Upon closer inspection, I found Silver Grey was the only color with enough skeins. The others were in groups of five and the pattern requires six. I really didn’t want grey though this particular grey is rather beautiful. I’m not in love with the idea of this sweater matching the color of the winter sky. I want it to be a splash of color in the bleak sameness that can be winter. Yes, lavender is a spring color but it is still a hope for sunny days. Grey is a reminder that it’s only January and there are several more months of possible blizzards ahead. My MIL lives in the 207. This is where my brain goes.

Final conclusion: No grey. The savings isn’t worth the possible psychological damage. Mine, not hers. I am keeping my original purchase but now I know I have options.

And I bought two skeins of the teal to make myself a cowl. It’s on my ravelry queue, not an impulse buy. The Cashmerino Aran by Debbie Bliss in a burnt orange would have been an impulse buy. Luckily there was only one skein so I left it there. This whole responsible purchasing business blows. But it keeps me honest and accountable so it’s not all bad.


2 thoughts on “My Victory! My Defeat.

  1. That sucks that they didn't have your color! Well good to know that new store is over price and to be careful for impluse buying there! Since that's basically ALL my purcahses hahaha


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