The Girl is a Binger

Wouldn’t you know? I bought yarn. Expensive yarn. Oh so cuddly yarn. Today I bought Ephiphany by Cascade Yarns in Dusky Mauve which looks more lavender than anything. It’s absolutely delicious. 60% Royal Alpaca, 20% Cashmere, 20% Silk. It’s as amazing as it sounds. I plan on using it for a lace cardigan for my MIL.

Going to the yarn store, I knew I wanted some kind of alpaca blend for the sweater. Most of the ones I was looking at were the wrong gauge and bothered me to no end. I had settled on this one yarn from Germany with a gauge chart I’ve never seen before rendering it unreadable to me. Problem two with this mystery gauged German yarn: the color I liked was only available in two skeins. I would have settled for another skein but something told me to keep on looking.

I looked down at this cubby with a bunch of random colors and i saw it: this beautiful, dreamily soft yarn that would be perfect for my MIL. Chris liked it, too, so we checked the gauge and yardage and hoped there would be six skeins of the same dye lot in the bunch. AND THERE WERE! Oh, we lucked out in the “perfect yarn” department but not so much in the cost. The German yarn was $7 per skein but we would have needed 13 balls to make the sweater. This Epiphany cost considerably much more with a need of only six skeins. Price per ball conversion left us with a sweater that would cost twice as much using Epiphany than the German yarn. But how can you argue with perfection? Luckily, I got my first pay check (from my new part-time gig and I logged a lot of hours for a part-timer) so this yarn was paid for by three eight-hour work days. Thank you!

I fully admit that I’m a binger. No, I didn’t spend a lot of money on a lot of yarn but I spent a lot of money for a little bit of yarn that I’m not going to keep. But I love my MIL and she deserves a soft, warm, cozy sweater that will snuzzle her during this next winter.


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