3… 2… 1… Disco

I am officially finished with my yarn fast. How did I celebrate? I went to work. No, there was no yarn shopping today but tomorrow is pay day and that means perhaps a little yarn shopping will be done. I’m not sure how the day will go. I may have to wait a bit on that. The point is that now I’ll have the ability to go out and buy yarn. YAY!

One year without buying yarn was hard. Trust. Committing to one year of anything is hard. I’ll admit that I used torture techniques to achieve my goal. I would get e-mail notifications of yarn sales and I’d casually look at the 70% reduced hanks and skeins with my teeth firmly planted around my knuckle. Chris would hear me gripe about my inability to attend semi-annual sales and showed little sympathy. It wasn’t out of cruelty. No. He knows how I work. Instead of providing words of comfort, he’d encourage me by saying, “Only eight more months, babe. The time will fly by.” And it did at times. Other times it trudged on like boots in mud.

All in all, I’d have to say the experience was positive. I’ve learned a few of things:

  1. While having a goal of one finished item per month is completely do-able, it’s not so much with a new baby thrown in the mix.
  2. Sewing pieces together is much easier once all the pieces have been steamed flat.
  3. The EVIL BLANKET is still evil.
  4. Swatching is important (as much as I hate to admit that).
  5. Chris is a fantastic man who does a lot of thankless jobs silently. This last year would have been impossible without his help. He carried this household when I was down for the count from morning sickness, setting a glacial pace at the end of my pregnancy and self-sequestered in the bedroom bonding with the new baby. I sincerely mean he is the best husband in the world.
  6. I will take full advantage of DIVA moments. I’m a little embarrassed by this one.

A year makes a big difference. Last year I had two little boys and this year I have three. I don’t plan on expanding the brood, three small sweaters per year is plenty for me. I also didn’t have a job last year, nor was I planning on selling my house. A lot of change happened last year and a lot of change is planned for the next one. I didn’t meet all my goals for this Yarn Fast Project but I did achieve most of them. Did I completely refrain from buying yarn? No, but I only used what I earned from the odd yarn sale here and there meaning I broke even. That’s equally as awesome. Did I complete one project each month? No, but I completed 16 projects with #17 near complete. Did I use only yarn in my stash? Absolutely! Did I make something for everyone in my house? I skipped over the Pug-Ston but aside from that, yes. The EVIL BLANKET remains unfinished and at large.

I set up a list of goals I thought were reasonable at the time. And they were until I popped up pregnant a few weeks later making them seem close to impossible. But I did it. I went one year using the yarn in my stash maintaining a zero balance for my yarn cash allotment.

Brava to me. Hooray and all that jazz. I see another one of these in my future. But not for a little bit. I’d like to enjoy some yarn buying freedom.


3 thoughts on “3… 2… 1… Disco

  1. We should plan a yarn excursion soon to celebrate! It's so awesome that you did it. This kind of reminds me of that 30 day wardrobe challege I saw online, but with yarn šŸ™‚


  2. You were supposed to complete a project a month BUT you only succeeded in completing 16.75 this year? Were you using a Baha'i calendar–19 months/365 days? If not, may I remind you there are 12 months in a regular year. So your average is better than one project/month. Now, if you'd only managed 10 or 11 projects total, I could see room for improvement. But failing to complete a project in a month but picking up the pace with extra work in other months, nope no room for disappointment. I'm proud of you.


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