I’m beginning to think a lot about Christmas

Autumn has officially arrived but it’s always a little late to the desert. Little signs appear here and there: the temperature starts to hover around the 100s, down from the oppressive 10 to 21 degree summer surplus. City fix-it projects start to interrupt the flow of traffic. The snowbirds arrive.

Yes, autumn is here which means the holiday season is right around the corner. I love the holidays. The air gets a little crisper, the mornings bring a bit of a frost on the grass. If I’m really lucky I’ll get a week of rain or maybe the gutter water will freeze from the lawn sprinkler run-off. I get to break out my warm sweaters for a few glorious weeks when it’s really cold. It’s not cashmere cold during the day but those January nights require a little extra warmth only a goat can provide. I know the cold has really arrived when I step outside at night and the air has a wood-smoked smell reminiscent of bacon. I love it all.

With autumn comes the beginning pressure of making holiday items. I’m not really one to make holiday items but I’ve been bitten by the bug this year. I’ve done a really good job at pushing out one item per month with few exceptions. There are just under three months until Christmas and I intend to get three projects for two people made:

  1. A cardigan for my MIL. I saw something that would be perfect for her in the Fall 2011 Vogue Knitting magazine.
  2. A cowl for The Bear in the chunky lavender wool she picked out over a year ago. I’m finally inspired by the yarn and the new button trend really helped.
  3. A second cowl for The Bear in a fashion I think would suit her better. She doesn’t know what she wants so I’ll give her what she requested and what she needs. At the very least she gets two couture cowls out of it.

My back burner plan is to make socks for the boys as stocking stuffers. I’ve never made socks before so this could be very challenging and slightly unrealistic. The only thing going for me is that they have little feet so it will go quickly.

My list is small because I want to make room for growth. I don’t want to be intimidated by a list of 15 projects I couldn’t possibly finish in three months. I’ve already given myself a rather large project with the cardigan which will be shipped across the country. I see this as a good thing. Seriously. It means I have an automatic deadline of Dec. 15. It’s mental knitter/slacker/mom math. If you haven’t already had to use such math, the equations would be much too difficult to explain, though I could with the tiniest bit of encouragement.

But wait. Can it all be done? With stash yarn? The answer is yes and no. One cowl already has stash yarn written all over it. The other cowl and cardigan do not. I have ideas about what they’re going to look like but neither involve stash yarn. I’ll have to buy new yarn. What I have speaks to my personal tastes. I don’t want to impose my personal color palate to others unless I think it would work. Secondly, I don’t have enough of one yarn in the right gauge to make the cardi so that’s an automatic purchase there.

My self-imposed yarn fast/prison sentence ends Oct. 11. That means I can start buying new stuff Oct. 12. I’ll hold off as long as I can but I need to get cracking on that cardi A.S.A.P. Who knows the possible pattern mis-readings/-understandings that lay ahead of me!

But there’s still my shawl to finish. Wish me luck!


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