Holy Hot Mess, Batman!

In my quest to pack my house, I am finding lots of treasures: grocery receipts from 2009, coupons that expired three years ago, random socks and of course, yarn. So far I’ve found a Harry Potter scarf that is partially made. I ran out of yarn and gave it up in favor of alternate, more plentiful yarn. I’ve found the bottom 2/3 of a cabled sweater vest. It was paused then abandoned because I couldn’t remember my cabling pattern. Also, I may have given away the yarn that would complete the top half. Then there are the three balls of yarn randomly found in my closet.

Of all my treasures, my favorite has to be the glove I must have started 10 years ago. I know this because the pattern I used is knit in garter stitch and flat. That’s right, a glove pattern not knit in the round. Shocking. I have only one glove, half sewn together with the longest middle finger in the world. The glove is also wrapped in a mass of yarn that has consumed one round of tape, has two ball ends and one darning needle attached. I’m not quite sure what happened and I don’t care to speculate. I’ll just take it apart, redistribute the yarn and be on my merry way.

See the middle finger? There’s about an inch of glove above my finger tip. Ridiculous.

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