I have to admit that when I set the goal of starting sweater sewing by the 15th, I was unaware that the 15th was only two days away. BUT there is good news: I HAVE ALMOST ALL THE SEWING DONE! All I have left to do are the pockets and buttons. One pocket is half done. I got stumped by the bottom sewing bit. Should I duplicate stitch or whipstitch? My 11 p.m. answer: whip stitch. It conserves yarn. Of course this conclusion came after I had accomplished half the duplicate stitches and hated all the extra work. I thought, “THERE’S GOT TO BE ANOTHER WAY!” This is a much better alternative to my previous thought, “Duplicate stitch is the ONLY way to sew the bottom.” Sometimes I can be a bit too focused by horse blinders to see another option until it doesn’t work how I want. Other times I have too many ideas. Feast or famine, my friends. Feast or famine.

Bring on the pockets and buttons!


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