29 Days

I am now less than one month away from completing my year-long yarn fast.  It sort of snuck up on me. I thought my anniversary would be Oct. 13 or 14. As it turns out, my fast ends Oct. 11. The extra couple days almost killed me but knowing I was wrong and knowing I have just 29 days to get through, it seems a bit rushed. Perception is a bitch.

I must admit that, though I lazily dream of the new yarn I’m going to buy Oct. 12, I won’t. Part of it is because I still can’t afford it while the other part is that I rather enjoy the challenge that comes with trying to figure out what I can make with what I have. I’d love to get rid of all the acrylic I have but that won’t be happening just this moment. I have plans to make afghans for cuddling in the winter evenings. And I don’t have as much acrylic as I’d like to believe.

Yes, I have made a nice dent in my stash but it doesn’t really look like all that much has been used. It’s a lot like packing when 80 boxes litter the living room but it doesn’t look like anything has been packed. My stash is suffering from packing vision.

I have less than a month to finish at least two more projects: August’s sweater for Logues and the September shawl. I might be able to make something for October but it’s not required.

I’m still finding it hard to gather enough enthusiasm to finish sewing the August sweater. I’ll get there–I have to. The idea is to complete projects, not just knit them. I guess I have too many requirements. First of all, I like my vision (however poor it may be) so I prefer to sew during the day when it’s the brightest. There’s nothing more difficult than trying to sew dark fabric to itself in poor lighting. Secondly, I spend a lot of time with Rye and, though I am quite good at doing a number of things with him in my arms/lap, I’m not good at sewing with him in tow. Third, I’d like the other boys to be occupied so they won’t come up and take out my pins. I know, how could I ask for so much? Solitude and bright lights so I may retain my vision. Too much.

I’m giving myself until the 15th to start sewing. Starting is the hardest part and once I get past that hurdle, it should be smooth sailing. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. I have to be optimistic otherwise I’d be screwed.


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