One month later

I’ve hit the one month mark on this little sweater and I’m no farther than I was a week ago. I’ve almost given up hope on it. How can I tell? I started another project. It’s a shawl. Not that kind of a shawl, but a giant rectangle that gets wrapped around the shoulders and pinned. I don’t have the right gauge yarn for the project so I had to do some pretty tricky math. It’s a problem if I’d rather do tricky math than sew up the sides and sleeves of a little sweater.

Though I’d like to be further ahead with my knitting, obviously it’s going to take a back seat to packing. It’s not too bad. I have almost all of my books packed. Next I’ll work on extraneous glassware and clothes in the bedroom. I feel like I should have more packed but I realize it’s only the sixth of the month and there are 24 more days ahead of me and another month beyond that to get this place in showing condition. It seems impossibly slow. I thought packing in a week (or two as it were when we were packing when Turtle was young) was hard. Finding the time to pack between feedings, naps and meals is challenging but I’m thankful we have the time. Now, if there were only a little more time so I could workout and knit, life would be perfect… ish.

I can’t claim that time management is my strongest virtue but it seems like I’m getting a crash course in it. Give me another week and I’m sure I’ll figure out a way to make it work. I’ve come to terms with the fact that the sweater may take a back seat to projects that may grant me immediate gratification. It doesn’t matter too much. I live in the desert. He won’t need it for another two months, minimum. I’m sorry, sweet sweater, I’m moving onto a 452 st shawl with strange decreases. It seem like a hard project but I swear it reads easy. Sleeves (and probable extra sleeve length) will be saved for another day when I can sew during the day. Let’s not go crazy, here. Going blind from sewing black on black is not on my list of Things To Do Before I Turn 30.

To the shawl!!!


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