It’s not a FAIL if it’s finished

… which my sweater is not.

According to my Ravelry page, I started the cardigan for Logues August 6. I am quickly approaching the one month mark. One month for a sweater built to fit a two-year-old. This is sad. Just sad. Last night I FINALLY managed to sew the front panels to the back at the shoulder seams. It took two days.

Yes, I have a new baby at home. I know things will take longer but that doesn’t mean that I can’t get upset over not succumbing to the vacuous suck hole that becomes time when a new baby is introduced. At least I can say that I made something. Children may slow my knitting but I will never stop.

I managed to cast on the 209 stitches required for the neck band this afternoon during nap time. Then I had to work on the house. Oh, the house. It’s the one thing that just might bring my knitting to a grinding halt.

Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t let housework to stand in the way of my knitting. I’ve been known to forego housework in favor of my knitting. But this is different. We’re selling the house. For various reasons we came to the conclusion that selling the house would be our best option. We have a four bedroom right now but we’re not using it to its full capacity. One bedroom and a full bathroom go unused for the most part. When we get the odd guest, we fix up the casita (as it is known) and call it a day. But with no guests, it remains unused with the A/C on. Not pretty. So we’re either going to downsize to a three bedroom or get a better situated four bedroom. We’re looking to see what’s out there but we won’t be placing the house on the market until November when The Season is upon us. Then we will prey upon the Snowbirds with the lure of a vacation home. If this year is anything like last year, the season will be an exhaustively long one. Let’s hope.

I refuse to let the knitting stop. It just can’t happen. I would go insane. As I told Chris, I may take the most inopportune times to take a break from packing to knit or workout or bake. It can’t be avoided. These are the three activities that keep me from stress eating. You’d think the baking would aid my stress eating but it doesn’t. (On a side note, I’d like to say that I’ve had remarkable control over my stress eating. I only gave in to the need once last year when a very serious and unexpected medical emergency struck my family. One Entiments coffee cake and three days (opposed to one afternoon) later, I was fine and didn’t need more.) He has been warned.

Fortunately or un, I am restricting myself to simple projects. Things that don’t involve lots of or any sewing at all. Things knit in the round or are one shape. Scarves, mittens, gloves, socks, shawls, things like that will become my knitting of choice.

I can already see that I’ll be knitting waaaaay more once the house is “show ready” and we’re living in a “show house” until it sells. As unsightly as it may be, my giant knitting box will remain unpacked and at-the-ready until the very last moment when it is time to move.

Moving at this point with an infant, a toddler and a little boy is a very tall order but I’m confident we can do it. I have to be. I don’t have a choice. This is what happens when I get overly cocky about not moving when I was pregnant. Wait, was that cockiness or foreshadowing?

Back to the sweater: 209 stitches on the neck band. I’ll finish that up, sew on the buttons, attach the pockets and pocket toppers, sew on the sleeves and sew up the sides. I may not finish this until October.


One thought on “It’s not a FAIL if it’s finished

  1. You let me know ANY way I can help out with the house. Cleaning, painting, boxing, moving, whatever you need I'm here to help! also don't forget we have a big truck for any moving needs. At your disposal, my dear 🙂


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