Time for a Change

I’m considering changing the name of this blog.

Originally, I thought of (not-so) Secret Stash because it reflected my yarn stash. All my knitter friends knew about it and anyone who came to my house and noticed the giant box in the corner over-filled with yarn, stacked with more soft containers of yarn could see it. It was kind of my secret stash of shame but everyone knew about it. See?

Honestly, I’ve always kind of hated it. Since I pressed “publish” I second guessed it. It’s not that original because Kevin Smith already thought of the Secret Stash part thus making it a.) unoriginal and b.) makes me kind of a (to go back to my middle school days) biter. But I stuck with it since I couldn’t think of anything better at the time and I just wanted to get this thing up and running. Wait, I can’t put up a blog without some kind of witty, clever name. I also can’t put it up in the middle of the month. Better to start at the beginning of the month or at least on a Monday for the sake of continuity. Excuses. No, I thought it was better to get it up ASAP, fighting off any further urge to remain unaccountable in my yarning.

Now, I’m thinking of changing the name. I’ve been thinking of it for a while but nothing has really kept my interest. Though, today was a bit different. I contemplate calling it “One More Skein”. Sometimes in knitting, you get to a point when you realize you need one more skein. I am finding this to be the case more often as I am using only the yarn I have. I see a lot of striping in my future. One more skein is something I want but can’t have (at least for another two months). It’s something every knitter can relate to. It plagues my thoughts at night but that’s mostly because I’m a yarn junkie.

I’ve got the textile diabetes.

I think I can do better than (not-so) Secret Stash. Something clever, amusing maybe even punny–at least somewhat original. Suggestions, mes amis?


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