Creativity hurts

It’s no secret I have made a few baby blankets for my fellow moms-to-be. It was an easy project and I was glad to do it. I also had a vast assortment of colors at my acrylic disposal. Throughout the process of making the blankets I was thinking about what to do for my new baby’s blanket. The answer: Not a clue.

Last year I bought enough blue yellow and brown cotton yarn to make a blanket for a child. I wasn’t completely in love with the blue color lot I got but there were enough skeins to make a blanket. I was attending a store closing sale and my dash-and-grab approach turned into a quest to find matching color lots. Something about a sale makes me believe that leaving without something is not an option. So I added brown and yellow to the mix because I had some kind of moon/star/sky thing going on in my head. I didn’t end up making the blanket I had planned and instead rearranged the yarn so I may see their poorly chosen pairings together forever. I’ve had some inquiries about the yarn on Ravelry but no one has made the commitment to buy from me.

Since initially purchasing the yarn my mind has been tainted by ’60s modern art, babies and God-these-colors-are-hideous-together. Generally, I wouldn’t mind doing something with the awful cotton yarn but right now I can’t fathom making a blanket for the baby. I’ve tried sketching and have gotten as far casting on and knitting a garter stitch border. I can’t get further ahead than that. Yes, having a newborn in the house puts a damper on knitting but if I at least had some kind of idea what to do, I’d be a bit happier. As it stands, I DON’T WANT TO! And I’m slowly convincing myself I need one more color to make these random colors seem more cohesive. I could be kidding myself. Maybe two more colors are in order.

Why such a fuss? I want to make a cotton blanket for the baby. I’ve knit cotton blankets for the other two, this one should have one, too. It’s too hot for acrylic and there would be too many washings (with the definite probability of bodily fluid removal) involved for wool. Plus, I have plans for a lot of the leftover acrylic.

I’m not too worried about not making a blanket for the baby immediately. I finished Logues’ blanket after he was born and I didn’t even get around to making a blanket for Turtle until last year. I’ll make a blanket for Rye (the Newb, FYI) at some point. I’d better make it sooner than later because the older they are, the bigger the blanket. I’m moving on to a different project and abandoning this one completely until October when I can actually buy some new yarn. I might get lucky and get inspired earlier. Who knows? But I have to abandon this project. It’s becoming painful trying to muster enough enthusiasm to try making the blanket. It feels like I’m trying to get juice from an unripe lemon. I’ll get something out of it but the outcome wouldn’t be worth the effort. It’s better to wait it out and see what I get in the future. THE FUTURE!

Now? Now, I am going to make a sweater for someone. Probably a boy. Giddy up.


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