Happy Birthday

*originally written July 26, 2011. I wrote it in the morning with every intention of uploading a picture later in the day. I didn’t get around to it since I have a newborn who dictates my daily schedule and two other children who also desire my attention.

July 20 became the birthday for my third and final child. He kept me waiting and made my doctor anxious enough to make me choose an induction date. Luckily, he had different plans since I went into labor after I reluctantly chose an induction date. He was born at 4 a.m. My doctor was, in my opinion, late even with three hours notice. I have my own issues with how things went down which would result in a doctor change if I were to have another baby. But I’m not, so we’ll see if we can make our once-a-year relationship work or if I’ll still have to change doctors.

This brings me to today. Six days later it’s the Turtle’s fourth birthday. I had planned on finishing the blanket I started for him a year ago in time for his birthday. I almost didn’t make it. I’ve been on my last skein for a few weeks, which is really like several days since I took nearly a week off to have the baby and reacquaint myself with the newborn sleep schedule. With only a handful of rows to finish and my deadline inching closer I had to make time to finish the blanket.

Early this morning, armed with three segments of sleep, I fed and laid the baby down to sleep and resumed my knitting for about an hour. It was enough time to finish it off and weave in ends. I even had time to take an hour-long nap afterward.

I gifted Turtle the blanket when he woke up. He was happy it was finished and put it on his bed immeditely. I wish I had washed it before I gave it to him but it’s  four-year-old’s blanket so there will be plenty of washing in its future.


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