A little something while we wait

I have passed my due date. July 14 was the breath holding day and it came and went without so much as a murmur from my belly. I had an appointment with my doctor the day after my due date to see if everything was working as it should. After a little concern, we got the baby to wake up and show us that everything was alright. Great. My doctor started talking induction. I said NO. NOT YET.

I went home, got a little sad, got a little mad and started on a hat for the baby with some lace weight mystery yarn to take my mind off the whole thing. I needed to de-stress.

The yarn is blue with some white and a little tan, has no label and was bestowed upon me through a yarn swap. I have no idea where it came from, what the fiber content is or what gauge/needle size to use. Mystery yarn.

It’s smaller than fingerling so US 3 is going to be too big. It’s most likely a sock yarn so I’ll have to break out the ultra small sock needles I bought but haven’t used. Through a little yarn manipulation and magic I discover that US 1 would work quite nicely. Actually, it wasn’t magic at all. I learned from Vicki Howell on the cancelled DIY Network show Knitty Gritty that the easiest way to find the needle size for mystery yarn is to pull a loop through your needle gauge finder. If the loop goes through the hole easily (not too much drag), it’s a good bet it will work. If it doesn’t pull easily, the needle is too tight. GENIUS!

What did I make with this mystery yarn and how does it look? TAKE A LOOK:

It turns out, this is a self-striping yarn.
The downer comes when I finish the hat the day after I start it. And about 2 inches in, I realize that I didn’t use a smaller gauge to rib the hat. I’m not in a great mood so just go with it and make a mental note for next time.
I’m contemplating making ears for this hat but I might wait until the baby is bigger and it’s colder so the need for cute hats with ears will be more functional than super cute and fleeting.
I’ve since moved on to finishing Turtle’s blanket since he has a big boy bed now. It’s an actual twin sized bed, not a toddler bed so I need to finish the blanket. I’m on my last skein and his birthday is right around the corner.  I’ve been working diligently on this blanket for the last few days and very little may thwart my efforts to get this blanket finished by his birthday or his party at the very latest.
Wish me luck and a healthy screaming baby who comes out on his own accord! I know it’s a big request but if I’m asking for help, I’m going to ask for as much as I can get.
P.S. Newborn hats are ridiculously easy to make: 12 in. around, four inches straight, then decrease. Decrease every other row until half of the sts. remain. Then decrease every row until your divided section single sts. remain. 
Newborn Hat Knit-in-the-round:
Gauge: 36 sts x 44 rows = 10 x 10 cm. 
Use US size 1 dpns
CO 108 sts. on size 1 needles. PM, join round. 
Start K1, P1 rib. Continue for 2.5 cm. Change to stockinette stitch. Continue for 10 cm. Begin decrease rnd. 
Decrease rnd: Divide hat into 6 sections. PM after each section if desired. K to last two stitches of section, K2tog. Continue until rnd is complete.

Decrease every other rnd until half the original stitches remain (54 sts.)
K one more rnd.
Decrease every row until six sts remain. Thread yarn through remaining stitches, pull tight. Weave in ends.

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