**CLOSED** Great Baby Blanket Giveaway!!!

For those friends who are currently pregnant, I have made a variety of baby blankets in a variety of sizes and functions for you. Most are gender neutral, all are designed by me. 
1. This blog post will be up for 24 hours before I will accept any kind of claim on any of these blankets.
2. Only those who have received a facebook PM are allowed to lay claim to a blanket.
3. To claim a blanket, leave a comment with your name and the name of the blanket.
4. Because the internet lets everyone comment at the same time, blankets will be awarded by time stamp.
5. Unclaimed blankets will remain unclaimed but still loved.
6. I will contact each blanket recipient for mailing address via facebook.

Basics: This blanket was knit on the bias starting from one purple corner, extending out to the apex red corners and decreasing to the other purple corner. It has a garter stitch border with stockinette main section. It does tend to look a bit like a kite but a little stretching post-wash will take care of that problem.
Dimensions: 29″x 29″
Story: When I was a kid, I had yellow walls with primary colored plastic balloons on the walls. My mom believed children should be surrounded by bright colors. Here, I am paying homage to my formative years in the ’80s when Rainbow Brite was the shit, high crimped side ponytails were original (not retro) and Burt Reynolds had his original face.

Rose Lawn 

Basics: Rose Lawn is the name of this lace pattern. The lace makes it look like there is a rose garden all over the blanket. No border
Dimensions: 32″x 41″
Story: I got a collection of lace pattern cards for my birthday. This is the first of the batch that I attempted to make. I knew I wanted to make a few lace blankets and this pattern came at just the right moment. The yarn was a gift from a fellow knitter and complimented the rose pattern nicely. It’s such a large blanket because three skeins seemed a bit small, four skeins seemed to make it long enough and I wanted to use as close to a full skein as I could.
Feather and Fan

Basics: It is made from the lace pattern called Feather and Fan. Three colors were used: white, mint, sea foam. By nature, the pattern creates waves, so it cannot be straightened out no matter what. Stripes border the blanket though I originally wanted the stripes to be integrated throughout the piece. Alas, I had more white than green colors resulting in what is seen here.
Dimensions: 24″x 38″
Story: This is the first lace blanket I made for the Giveaway. It’s a rather nondescript pattern as are the colors. I wanted to make as many gender neutral blankets as I could. It was made in the early days when I still had several stashed ideas of what I wanted to make for the Giveaway. As it so happens, a friend made a striped Feather and Fan blanket for her sister’s new baby only it turned out much bigger therefore more impressive than mine. She started her blanket first and I ended up Single White Female-ing her.
Hooded Blanket 

Basics: Garter stitch border with a seed stitch interior. Hood is made with the same pattern only knit on the bias.
Dimensions: 24″x 25″
Story: Five years ago, I attempted to make this same pattern with different yarn. I say attempt because I ran out of yarn and it ended up being more of a rectangle than a square. This blanket isn’t so much a square either but it’s a lot closer than it was five years ago. It’s made from a yarn I got at a yarn swap. It’s got all those qualities of a gender neutral baby garment that hospitals like to use. It’s pink, blue and white with a little green splashed in there for good measure.

Basics: Knit on the bias starting with one square, increasing by two squares on either side until the apex, decreasing by two squares back to one. Border squares are done in garter stitch, inner squares alternate stockinette and reverse-stockinette stitches. 
Dimensions: 26″x 28″
Story: This pattern came from a shawl pattern book I have had for years but I never cracked open. The yarn is something I’ve had in my stash for years but I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I started a shawl and story of my Yarn Fast, I ran out of yarn and had to scrap the shawl. There wasn’t any point in frogging the work I had already done. As Kumar said to Harold, “We’ve come too far.” I expanded on the pattern until I’d used approximately half of my yarn then made my way back to the other end.
1976 a.k.a. The Sigourney Weaver 

Basics: Garter stitch border with stockinette stitch interior. Each stripe is two inches wide.

Dimensions: 27″x 32″

Story: I had all of these colors to make a Doctor Who scarf for Chris. I didn’t like the colors so I scrapped them. Later I found out the colors were more accurate than any subsequent colors I chose. Lesson learned: go with your gut. Anyhow, I love this color combination and I wanted to keep them together. I knew I wanted to make a blanket with a chevron stripe on it using multiple colors. What else was there to do but combine the two ideas into the Ultimate blanket? I love this blanket very much and I’m very excited to see who loves it as much as I do.

All blankets are made from 100% acrylic yarn and are machine washable and dryable.


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