90 minutes and a 24 oz. white mocha

Sunday is my knitting group’s Sip ‘n Stitch where we meet at a coffee establishment and knit, naturally. Most weeks I end up sitting at the coffee shop knitting by myself. I don’t mind. I think of it as at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted knitting time.

Yesterday was such a Sunday where I sat alone and got to knit. More accurately, I got to sew. Yes, I finally finished sewing up the sides of the short sleeved sweater I made. This is quite an accomplishment because I’m not really a fan of sewing together ribbed edges and the black stitches make me go a little blind if I can’t get the lighting nice and bright.

The front and back are made exactly the same. I can wear it like this…
With as much resolve as I could muster, I started sewing one side of the sweater. Forty-five minutes and half a white mocha later, I was finished with the seam. I didn’t really want to do the other side but I knew that I would let it sit like that for another week or so. This is not a project I wanted to have hanging over my head in case I have the baby early.

A grand total of 90 minutes and a 24 oz. decaf white mocha later, I had completed my sweater. Of course, it had to be the hottest, muggiest day the desert has seen in a long time so my woolen finishing project was completely appropriate to work on in my climate controlled environment. At least it was small.

… or like this.
And for my next trick I will be completing the Great Blanket Grab and finishing the infant overalls.

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