June: So much work and nothing to show

I really have been working in June. My ravelry page can attest to that. It’s just that I haven’t “finished” anything. I completed all components of a sweater but I haven’t made up the sides. It took me forever to get the motivation to steam the pieces flat though it took relatively no time at all and made my job a whole lot easier. It took a few more days to set in the sleeves and a few days after that to make the collar. Now I have a nearly finished seater that looks great save for the open sides. It has remained like this for probably two weeks, maybe less.

It’s not even that making up the sides is all that difficult. Actually, it’s my favorite part of the sewing process. Yet, I can’t seem to do it. The problem is I’m running out of steam. It’s expected. I’m due soon and everything has become an effort.

Then, of course is the overall situation. I hate the book, the instructions are sometimes ridiculous but the patterns are ridiculously cute. One example of ridiculous instructions: knit until piece measures 35 cm. Complete instructions for arm hole. Continue until piece measures 35 cm. Start the neck hole shaping. It may not sound that silly but the neck hole shaping isn’t supposed to start until the arm hole shaping is complete. I’ve already figured out how to make the pattern work but it doesn’t stop me from being bothered. The whole reason why I’m following a pattern is so I don’t have to figure things out. It’s supposed to be spelled out in front of me. Simple. Easy. Just measurements and stitches. This is not the case.

As I previously posted, I tried to make the overalls once before and came up a bit short. Appx. 10 yds. short, maybe more. I couldn’t finish so I had to frog it all and start over in a smaller size. I’m about half way through the second piece and it looks promising. I just have to figure out where I want the neck hole to begin and make it happen.

As for the Baby Blanket Grab, I have all the blankets finished but they’re unposted. I haven’t taken the full pictures nor made the dimensions clear and I’ve passed my deadline. How does that happen? I got my work done on time–even early–and I still managed to let June get past me without completing the Grab. At least all I have to do is photograph, post and mail the blankets. I don’t have to finish any of the blankets, which is nice. I’ll get to it soon, I’m just a bit slow.

All in all, June was quite a busy yet slightly unsuccessful month. I have no idea what the coming months will hold for me in regards to knitting projects but at least I know I’ll have a pair of overalls, the sweater, and a blanket to post. Okay, the blanket may not be finished until August. I’m trying to be realistic.


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