10 more yards

I’ve been working on a pair of baby overalls for about two weeks. Reading the yardage necessary for the pattern, I took a look at a large ball of sock yarn which had enough to make a pair of socks. I thought it would work out great. Doing the math proved that I would end up 10 yds. short. Whatever. Sometimes patterns don’t need all the yards requested to make a project. Except this one.

I finished the back piece and worked as much of the front as I could. I managed to knit up to one row short of the arm holes, meaning there wouldn’t be any front straps. grumblegrumblegrumble. I thought maybe I’d have a lovely friend sew straps and maybe a pocket on the front. Maybe not.

What could I do to still salvage all this effort? I don’t have any more of this yarn, I have no idea where it was purchased since I inherited it through a swap and I have no comparable colors. This is the point in the movie where I realize both my friend and I can’t make it out alive. Only one of us is going to make it out of this God forsaken shit hole and it’s going to be you, not me. In other words: I frog it all and start again making a smaller size.

It’s so sad, I couldn’t even finish the row.

2 thoughts on “10 more yards

  1. I say you shoukd make the straps a different color and add a festive pocket of the same color so it makes sense. But then again, I am not a knitter. I just hate to hear rhe “f” word…frog.


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