What do you mean I have to sew it?

I have finished my short sleeved sweater but I haven’t sewn it together. I can’t do it. My motivation is missing. Perhaps I’ve made too many blankets that don’t involve sewing. Actually, I know what my problem is. I don’t want to steam the edges flat so I can sew it together easier, so it will look more professional than homemade. Now, there’s nothing wrong with homemade (obviously). There have been a few generations of homemade things in my family. Everything from dresses, every day clothes, nicer clothes and costumes to knitting, crocheting and tatting has been made and some of that stuff is still around. Through the decades one thing has been consistently passed down: It may be homemade but it doesn’t have to look like it is.

I don’t want to have a beautifully made sweater put together poorly. I just can’t do it. So until I come up with a mental road crew to clean up my motivation blockage, it will remain in four pieces without a collar.


I’ve started a new project. From Chic Knits for Stylish Babies by Patricia Wagner, I’ve chosen the Perfect Ensemble Overalls. It’s a rather simple pattern but I’ve run into a snag. There are three stitches at the shoulder strap leftover from what the pattern indicates. Also, the directions for front and back are identical up to the neck opening. However, all the decreases for the arm holes are supposed to be done within 1cm. That’s not going to happen. Not even close.

These hiccups are not cause to start from one again but they are enough to make me go slightly cross-eyed with concentration. I’ll be dealing with simultaneous decreases at the neck and arm holes (from two different sets of directions) combined with length measurement and pattern continuity. I’ll have to make sure I’m alone for a few hours when it comes time to do that part.

The sickest part of it all is that I bought this book four years ago when Turtle was a baby and we were living in NYC. I never managed to make him anything from this book but I had grand plans to make something for Logues. It never happened. I thought if I didn’t make something for #3 soon then I’d never get around to it and it would be a wasted book. Sure, I could make baby clothes for friends but I wouldn’t get to keep anything.

Yes, I’m a bit caught up in making things for the kids. I’d like to keep it somewhat even. So far, Turtle got a double-breasted coat from a Debbie Bliss book when he was five months old and a Doctor Who Sweater this past winter; Logues got what I call a Hulk blanket (lime green with purple trim) shortly after he was born; #3 will be getting a pair of overalls and most likely a blanket. Turtle is getting a blanket soon (when I can find the mental power to get through the mind-numbing six-foot wide seed stitch blanket) and Logues is getting a cardigan. Everything will end up even: each gets one sweater and one blanket. That double-breasted coat has been and will be used by all the boys. Even. I know they care but I do.

Begrudgingly, I will go steam my sweater.


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