What’s better than free yarn? Really really ridiculously cheap yarn.

It’s sad to see a store close but I have to admit that I love a sale. When do better sales come along than when a store closes?
The Yarn Deli (R.I.P.) held a month-long sale throughout May. Week by week the sale got better. Week one brought on 25-35% discounts and ended its final day of business (May 31) with a 60% discount, 70% if paid in cash. It was extraordinary. I got there the last day of business, cash in hand, anxious to see what was left. The answer: not much. And I had to be quick. I saw some yarn, took a skein and I swear there was this woman copying my every move. I looked it over, did some math and replaced the yarn. She took every skein of the yarn I had just reviewed. I looked at another skein, she took all of another color I had just reviewed. It was kind of creepy but she was gone before I had finished so it wasn’t too Single White Female.
Unfortunately, my precious girth wouldn’t allow me to elbow my way through the small crowd so I had to worm my way in on the sides and slyly scoot across to get to the yarn I wanted. I tried to be a bit conservative (nearly impossible at 70% off) with my purchasing which is why I took the time to calculate opposed to just grab and go. 
I know this whole purchase goes against my year-long yarn fast but this is how I see it: I earned $9 selling yarn, so that’s taken off the purchase price. Also, IT’S 70% OFF so it’s practically free. Lastly, we’re calling it a belated Mother’s Day present so technically I bought my own gift. For those purists out there, I lasted 7.5 months.
Now the most important questions: What did I get? How much did it cost?
I got six hanks of Cascade 220 (totaling 1320 yds) and six skeins of Brown Sheep Co., Inc. Lamb’s Pride Superwash Sport (totaling 1080 yds) in two colors: four skeins of Rootbeer, two skeins of Pecan Toffee. 
Grand total: $24 ($15 from me, $9 from yarn earnings)
Total yardage: 2400
Breakdown: $.01 per yard
I have enough yarn to make an adult sweater from the Cascade 220 and at least one child’s sweater from the Lamb’s Pride Superwash. I may be able to squeeze two children’s sweaters out of the Lamb’s Pride but I’m not entirely sure about it. However, if I can only get one sweater, I can definitely get a lovely cowl or some gloves out of the remaining wool. 
Though it is quite sad to see this yarn store go out of business, there’s a happy ending: both co-owners are parting ways to open their own respective stores. One is slated to open in September and I believe the other might be opening late this summer. Losing one to gain two ain’t so bad, is it?
I have enough yarn to continue my quest to make as much as I can with what I have. I’ve done a pretty good job completing at least one project per month and though I can’t claim that I haven’t purchased yarn in a year, I certainly can be proud that I’ve made more than I’ve purchased. I haven’t replaced the amount of yarn I used. I simply refreshed what I had.
June is a new month and I am almost done with the leftover project from last month. Then I’ll work on the blanket for my baby and conduct the Great Blanket Grab. I have a busy month ahead of me. Bring it!

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