It’s a brand new project!

It is painfully obvious I bought a bunch of my yarn WITH the intention of making sweaters but WITHOUT the knowledge of how much yarn would be needed to complete such a project. Every project I looked at needed just a bit more yarn than I have in my stash. What’s a gal to do? Um, shorten the sleeves. Take off the sleeves, take off about a skein of yarn (maybe more). This works just great for me since I live in the desert where winters are mild and light or short sleeved sweaters are in great demand.

I had a few patterns in mind for my new project but I needed to cross-reference my stash yardage with that needed for the projects. Gauge, of course, is factored in. I had a handy dandy little note card by my side when I went searching through my stash to see what just might work.

Moods by Universal Yarn Inc. Discontinued.

I decided to do the Deep U-neck Tunic Dress by Stefanie Japel from her book Glam Knits using Moods by Universal Yarn Inc. It’s a lovely 50/50 wool/acrylic coral and black combination where the two colors blend into each other subtly. It will look great knit up. In the picture it looks kind of a mess. I really love this yarn and have been itching to work with it and now I have the opportunity!

Minor problem: I needed one more skein (!) to finish the project as written in the pattern. It would be a bit hard to get the one skein since it’s a discontinued yarn. Good news, though: It’s knit in the round from the top down so seaming isn’t an issue. I had no problem making the sweater and shortening it a bit, another beauty part of making top-down sweaters.

I started knitting on Sunday during my weekly knitting excursion at the Borders Cafe. I really liked how the yarn was knitting up but I would have preferred making a sweater that involved making a front, back and sleeves to better display the subtle color changes. I feared the subtlety would get lost as the sweater got bigger and longer and it would end up looking a bit of a mess as variegated yarn can look. I made the executive decision to frog the project and make something new.

I knew I wanted to make some kind of short-sleeved sweater but I wasn’t sure what. Then, I remembered a pattern from Rowan Classic Vintage I bought last year that might work. The pattern is Ascott by Martin Storey. I looked it up and the yardage works but the gauge is wrong. The pattern calls for 22 sts x 30 rows for a 4″x4″ square. This yarn is 20 sts x 28 rows. I’m not one for shying away from a bit of math but I’m just not in the mood this time. As luck would have it, the two stitch difference isn’t such a big deal.

My calculations lead me to believe I can make one size smaller than I would usually make and be fine. There is a 2-3 stitch difference overall (opposed to every four inches) but I don’t really care. I’ll give it a try and see how it fits in a few months (I’m thinking September) when the baby is out, the weight is off and I have some kind of stomach muscle regained. Until then, I hope for the best.


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