BB6: The Repurposed Shawl

Years ago, I bought four skeins of bulky yarn to make a sweater for my sister.  I had no idea how much yarn it would take to make a sweater nor did I bother to look at a pattern for reference. Let me tell you this: four skeins of bulky yarn would make one child’s sweater.  Or in this case, one baby blanket. I’ll get to that.

When I found out I had greatly underestimated how much yarn I would need, I was SOL since I had moved away from the yarn shop where I bought the yarn. Plus, this was a hand-dyed yarn and those dye lots are extremely specific. So the yarn stayed in my stash for quite some time. Partly.

Ill-advisedly, I took this yarn to a yarn swap. I knew I had four skeins but could only find three so I took those. One skein was taken, the other two were left with the swap host. Upon finding the missing skein a few days later, I went back to retrieve the other two skeins. I thought all three had been left but I was wrong. ANYHOW, I was left with three skeins and less of a clue what to do with them.

Thanks to my personal challenge, I finally decided to use the yarn. With it I would make a shawl from this shawl pattern book I bought but never used. I got through the first part of the pattern and realized I would need at least one more skein to finish the shawl. Now that I think of it, I would have needed two more skeins. In any case, I was a bit short. The pattern started at a corner, branched out then staggered into a V design for the shawl then shrunk back down to the other corner. I knit to just before the staggered V portion and decided it wasn’t going to work. It wasn’t a bad pattern and I’m not one to turn back on a pattern one skein in when I could easily figure out a compromise. So, I kept branching out from my original pattern until I was about half through my second skein of yarn, then I started decreasing.

It took three skeins of yarn to make this baby blanket. I’m sure it would have been up to my usual sizing standards if I had all four skeins but it doesn’t matter. It’s still a good sized blanket and it’ll look even better once it’s blocked. It’s a series of squares in stockinette, reverse stockinette and garter stitches. These tend to bunch up a bit when just knit so it’ll definitely get bigger once washed and blocked. Actually, all of the blankets will look fantastic once they’re washed and blocked.

It’s not even June yet and I’ve finished the blankets for the Great Blanket Grab or whatever I’m calling it these days. I’m ahead of schedule. This is really quite remarkable. On the negative side: maybe the world really will end. On the positive side: 1.) I’ll have more time to work on my own baby’s blanket before July. 2.) Perhaps I’ve managed to fine tune my time management skills. I’m just thrilled I’ve managed to keep to my schedule.

Pictures of the full blankets will follow along with their new owners.


One thought on “BB6: The Repurposed Shawl

  1. I can't wait to see all the blankets in their finished form. Job well done, I can't believe you are ahead of schedule. Now you can rest for a bit and work on stuff for fun and not to meet a deadline.


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