Ravelry is Amazing

I recently published photos of my shrug both here and on my ravelry.com page. This morning I got a message requesting permission to use one of my photos as a feature photo on the page for the Debbie Bliss Shrug I finished. What? Am I gonna say no? I gave my permission to use the photo and I’m very excited.

There are only seven of us who have made the shrug with six of us posting pictures. It is currently in 17 pattern queues and it’s a brand new pattern new to the last issue of the Debbie Bliss magazine. Yes, this is me geeking out just a little bit.

In other Ravelry news, I just sold my first skein of yarn. This woman from PA is making a sweater for her husband and only needed one more skein of yarn. She searched through ravelry and found me. I have the one skein she needs in the same dye lot. Amazing, right?

She bought the yarn a few years ago and is just now getting to making a sweater. Obviously, I know how that goes since I still have the yarn and have done absolutely nothing (except sorting) with the yarn. I also bought it a several years ago but in Boston so the matching dye lots is a little surprising but shouldn’t be considering our regional proximity at the time. I know “one more skein” is the nightmare of any knitter which is only amplified by the passage of time. Naturally, I said I’d help her out and sell her my skein.

My new problem became price. How much should I charge? I had discarded the receipt long ago and the yarn had no price tag on it. What else was there to do but LOOK ON THE INTERNET! I came up with a reasonable price based on the current internet prices and she accepted. She even paid for shipping. Isn’t that nice?

My girlish wonder comes from the fact that I never thought anyone would want to buy my stuff. My main purpose for setting up the ravelry buy/sell/trade page was because I wanted other people’s stuff and trading was the only way I could get it. The thought that someone might want my stuff never crossed my mind. Naive, I know, but this yarn fast has put horse blinders on me.

Current stats:
7 months passed
11 projects completed
2 trades
1 sell
1 featured picture
1 more blanket to go and no idea what to do with it

Not bad.


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