BB5: A multi-colored confection

Here it is May already and I’ve finished BB5. I can’t believe it. I conceived and completed a blanket in eight days. I told a friend I can’t make the same blanket twice. This is mainly because I like the challenge of having to come up with something fresh and new for each blanket. This one is knit on the bias, from one corner, increased to the other two corners and decreased down to the final corner.

This is how the blanket was knit, in a diamond.

BB5 was inspired by the shrug I was making. For me, it was quite natural to go from this intense teal color to RAINBOW! It’s also an ode to my mom who hates pastels for babies and believes they should be given bright colors. I grew up with primary colored balloons in my bright yellow room with rainbows and all sorts of other bright things in it. It was the ’80s, it was perfect. Now it seems baby rooms are made for the parents. I get it: parents are the ones who have to stare at the room colors day in and day out so they want something cute to look at. I have had my kids in apartments and a new home with no more than a few decorations and nailed pictures to white walls. They’re just fine. However, I introduced color to the kids in assorted blankets, clothes and baby amusement accessories.

So here I’ve built the brightest blanket in my collection. Clearly, you can see my progression from pastel and white to color to bright to super bright and colorful. My blanket evolution has kind of taken on a personality of its own. This leaves me with the question: What am I going to do next? I already have BB7 picked out with blue cotton, perhaps some yellow or brown but I have no BB6. BT dubs, BB7 is for my baby. But, BB6 is for the Great Blanket Grab and I have nothing planned yet. I don’t even have an interim project picked out yet which is weird. Nothing to knit!? It’s unheard of.

I tried continuing on the blanket I started for Turtle last year but it now covers my legs and gets me warm and sleepy. I don’t need that. I have enough trouble staying awake at night as it is, I don’t need extra help going to sleep. This leaves me… stumped. Stumped with nothing new to do. Hmmm…

I’ll look on the bright side. There are three weeks left in the month and then I’ll be all done with the blankets for the Great Blanket Grab so I can focus on the one I’ll be making for my little newcomer.


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