April’s Distraction Project

According to my stellar Ravelry calendar, I’ve been working on this sweater for 24 days. I’ve been working on the BB4 for 29 days and I’m still not done. **sigh** But! I have good reason. I knew I’d be seeing Mrs. Crabertson and I wanted to hand deliver it.
Here was the battle:
Setting aside BB4 so I could hand deliver the sweater and save on postage
Begrudgingly finishing the blanket THEN the sweater despite time constraints because the sweater would still get to Mrs. Crabertson regardless.

I took the easy road, yes, but mainly because there’s no point in paying for gas and postage if I could just pay for gas and make myself the post master. Shuffled to the side was BB4, into the forefront went the sweater. And it looks great. I had a few hiccups but it went rather smooth. The back side (my first knit piece) turned out perfect. The front side was a bit of a bother.

Towards the end of the sweater, just as I was readying to make the neck hole, I discovered a cable that was twisted incorrectly. I fixed it. Out of morbid curiosity, I examined the rest of the front side and discovered two more cables incorrectly twisted. They were both at the bottom of the sweater (towards the beginning).

Remember this?

Yeah, I had to do that twice to this sweater, almost exactly the same length down. The big difference: whale bone twist instead of single cable twist. What does it all mean? Fixing an eight stitch cable opposed to the four stitch cable in the picture. Unless I saw things inaccurately, it’s all fixed and happy. Not that I’d be doing anything about it now. A) the sweater is sewn together. B) it’s out of my possession.

I finished the sweater yesterday and delivered it. It went over rather well despite my inner monologue about its uselessness due to the impending weather change. The silver lining is that Mrs. C lives near the coast while I live in the desert so some use may be gotten out of it after all.

I didn’t get the chance to block it like I wanted but as I’ve learned from the Rolling Stones, “you can’t always get what you want.” It didn’t matter, really. It’s more of an aesthetic thing than anything else. She loved it and was very happy to receive it. So, if she’s happy, I’m happy.

My next order of business is to finish BB4. I think I have about half a skein to go until I’m done. Then it’s on to designing BB5 and making a shrug from the latest Debbie Bliss Magazine. I’ve wanted to make this shrug since I bought the magazine two weeks ago but I can’t just yet. I must finish the blanket first because I wouldn’t be rewarding myself with a shrug, I would be punishing myself with YET ANOTHER UNFINISHED BLANKET! Perspective.

Hopefully, it won’t take too long to finish the blanket and I can be free from its melon-colored clutches.


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