Simultaneous project #2

Source: Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine, Fall/Winter 2008 (premiere issue)
Pattern: Cabled Tank
Yarn: Kraemer Yarns Tatamy Tweed Worsted
Fiber: 40% cotton, 60% acrylic
Color: Merlot (purple)
Recipient: Mrs. Crabertson

It’s called a cabled tank but it’s not a tank. It’s a short sleeved sweater–a glorified cap sleeve if you will, with a turtle neck. It’s pretty easy and looks great. In my magazine, it’s shown in a beautiful grey color. I have no beautiful grey so I’m working with a purple tweed. I love tweed. It’s my favorite. I love seeing the little flecks of random fiber colors in the yarn. It’s always a mystery what the fabric will look like once it’s knit up. It’s very exciting stuff. I suggest using tweed when at all possible.

The cabling pattern is whale bone, which I have done before. In fact, it’s the center cable for a baby blanket I made for a friend’s business, Ashley Durham Photography.

See the center there? That’s the Whale Bone cable.

The yarn I chose was originally purchased during a going-out-of-business sale and I was torn whether to buy the nine skeins I needed to make myself a hooded sweater or if I should go ahead and buy the remaining lot (11 or 13 skeins, I forget). The knitter in me said, “No one is going to want two (or four) skeins. What could possibly be made using that? Take the rest of the lot and figure it out later.” The economist in me said, “Take what you need and walk away.” Dammit if the economist didn’t win. 
Two years later, I have no hooded purple tweed sweater. So, I am making good use of the yarn and making a sweater for a friend.
This is new territory for me. Since I’ve started this blog, I haven’t had to worry about giving my stuff away. If I ended up taking too long or messing up in some way, I could always fix it since I lived with the recipients. This time, it’s going to be made and sent before I have any idea what kind of fit it has. This scares me since the last time I did this kind of thing, I ended up making a poorly fit sweater with ridiculously long sleeves… for Mrs. Crabertson’s husband. I absolutely cannot send two poorly fit garments to one household. I simply can’t. 
Mr. Crabertson is on my list, too, and I would have knit him something already if my conscience hadn’t told me, “Perhaps I should make a garment for my own husband before making a make-up garment for another male friend.” Good idea. Chris got his Mangold Vest and now I’m going to pick out a sweater pattern to knit for Mr. Crabertson. His main complaint (other than the long sleeves) was that it wasn’t fitted. Frankly, at the time I only had one “male” sweater pattern and it was supposed to be baggy without set-in sleeves. Had I known set-in sleeves were a requirement, I would have worked harder on finding an appropriate pattern. Now I have more pattern options and a ravelry account so my search is on.
BUT FIRST, MRS. CRABERTSON’S SWEATER! It will prove to be a nice little distraction from BB4. Though, I have to take care to keep it as a side project opposed to the main project.

2 thoughts on “Simultaneous project #2

  1. I want you to know that I read your blog as part of my Internet regiment. I don't understand all the terms you use. Some of the knitting language is so way over my head, but You impress me & that is why I love you. Set the date Elvira. I am free after Coachella & will be there for a week. xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxox!


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