My resolve to power through these baby blankets, uninterrupted, has been broken. I’ve deemed such a feat sheer madness. I’m half way through, working on BB4 and the repetition of this pattern is driving me insane.

Perhaps it’s the blanket.

For some odd reason the combination of this Rose Lawn lace and the orange-melon color is making me angry. Maybe it’s just the color. I don’t know.

These are the facts:
I’m one skein into the blanket and I have probably three more to go.
I’ve never worked with a color this bright before.
This is a new lace pattern.
I can’t work on the blanket for an extended amount of time because it makes me twitchy.
Being twitchy too long makes me angry.

Have you ever had too much caffeine and gotten the feeling your insides are moving faster than your outsides? Has that feeling made you contract your muscles like you got a chill, shake your arms out and/or move around a bit to get rid of that feeling? That’s what happens to me when I work on the blanket too long.

I’m not taking a break–I can’t. I have a deadline. With the amount of time #3 took and the limited work per-day I can do, #4 is going to take a bit more time than I’d like. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

What am I to do?  I’m going to make the best of it. During the mandatory down time I’ll be taking from BB4, I’ll make something else. Like a sweater. Or a shrug. Or a swim cover-up. Or a cowl. Something.

Two projects at once. It’s just like old times.


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