Dammit, Johnny!

Last month, for my birthday, I was gifted a box of lace patterns written on cards I could take with me. Lace-to-go or Lace-on-the-go or something like that. I chose one of these patterns, Rose Lawn, for BB4. It’s a 12 row pattern repeat. I got half way through and was working on the off-center row when I came to the last two stitches. I couldn’t figure what I had done wrong to end up with two stitches instead of three. I continued on and two rows later I ended up with three stitches at the end. I was going to accept it as fate that I figured out my error and would continue to make a blanket and it would be perfect. Besides, it was a swatch. Who cares?

Yesterday, I spent two hours trying to figure out what I did wrong with the pattern. I still ended up with two stitches left over. DAMMIT! Out of the mass amount of stitch counting and figment patterning I did, only twice did I end up with something other than two stitches: once I had three leftover and another time I had one. I can’t explain it, which is why I continued to figment pattern and drive myself batty.

An hour later, after scouring the card, I looked at the chart on the back. I’d seen it before but hadn’t bothered to actually read it. As it turns out, I was supposed to end up with two stitches left over and deal with them differently from the rest of the pattern. Seriously.  I was right the entire time only I was convinced I was wrong. Fan. Tastic. Beautiful. I wish I could do it more often. Great.

I’d like to claim ease for the rest of the pattern but twice I ended up with one more stitch than I was supposed to. It wasn’t until I got to the end of the next pattern row after a purl row that I figured it out. The part that hurts the most is that both times I had to take apart three rows so I could fix the extra stitch. Right before bed. Tired + stitch mistakes = a very unhappy knitter.

I continue the Rose Lawn with an acceptable amount of sleep and a newfound appreciation for knitting charts.


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