Dear Baby: 1976 stopped by and left this blanket.

Baby Blanket #3. I called it the Sigourney Weaver blanket for no reason other than it was the first name that came to mind. Honestly, it looks more like an artifact from the ’70s in miniature form. And I love it. I’ve had these colors in my arsenal since 2003. I bought them to make Chris his second Doctor Who scarf because the first one I made had seriously inaccurate colors. I mean, pink? Pink. The Doctor does NOT wear pink–at least not in the ’70s. As you can see, that project was an amazing success (insert sarcasm here). Since I’m never satisfied (I’m told this is the mark of a true artist), I scrapped the yarn and made the Doctor Who Scarf using a different yarn. The colors are close but also inaccurate. I am prohibited from making a THIRD scarf.

So here I am, nearly eight years later with this yarn and the spark of an idea. I’ve already made up my mind that all six colors must be used together, but how? A stripe would be nice but it seems so boring. A stripe is also necessary since I have uneven amounts of each yarn. How about a… CHEVRON! Perfect. It would be a nice V running down the middle of the blanket. Add a simple border using the most abundant color and I’ve got myself a blanket.

I admit that it’s not exactly what you’d think of when you think “baby blanket” but what are babies other than small fashion plates? Wouldn’t you want to give a baby something you’d get for yourself? I’d love to have a ’70s inspired blanket but I haven’t the yarn for an adult-sized one. However, I have enough for a baby sized one! It’s unconventional but fabulous.

Now, I had one specific person in mind when I was making this blanket but I’m going to keep that to myself. After all, this is going to be a free-for-all blanket grab and I’m not here to play favorites.


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