Watch me teach?

When I was in college, I had a volunteer job teaching a group of third-graders how to knit after school. These little girls are now in high school. Obviously, some time has passed.

Recently, I thought about teaching again–only this time it would be adults. My knitting group has a slew of members whom I have never met. I’ve been part of the group for a year-and-a-half and I’ve been to quite a few meetings and I’ve even hosted some and I’ve made a few friends. I see the same people with a few new faces sprinkled here and there. I know there is interest since the group has over 30 members. What’s the deal?

As it turned out, there were some members who really wanted to learn how to knit. Perhaps they didn’t want to come to the monthly Denny’s group without a clue how to knit. I thought I’d offer my house once a month to teach a class to new knitters and offer my services to other knitters who wanted to learn something new. Though I don’t really like to admit it, I suppose I’m the most advanced knitter who regularly attends meetings. This makes me believe I should have calling cards printed with my name and some kind of contact information. The idea of a calling card makes me think that it might hit a fever pitch where I’ll turn into Patrick Bateman in American Psycho when he’s comparing business cards with a colleague. But I don’t have new teeth so I won’t sound funny.

Last night I hosted the first of these events and I think it went rather well. I don’t know how I did as a teacher since I didn’t hand out evaluations but there was some knowledge gained. Thanks to the internet, Amber and I learned the cable cast on. After watching the video, I learned I already knew how to do it. It was how I learned to knit but my mom didn’t teach me the name nor did I bother to learn it in 20 years. I taught Renee (rather poorly) how to cable without a cable needle. I also taught two new knitters how to cast on, knit and purl while Renee and Amber taught the third lady. (We’re all ladies, it just depends how and when we use it.)

At a later time we’ll work on binding off. For now they’ll just keep knitting until I see them again. I know I should have taught them how to bind off but we went over two different cast on methods and the basic stitches. This way, they’ll have to see me again either independently, at another meetup or next month when I teach another class.

Perhaps I should get paid for teaching knitting. I looked at some classes being offered in LA and I think I could teach all of them. I’d have to compete with youtube but I think I might have an advantage since I’m a live person who could look at any mistakes and help fix them. I don’t know. We’ll see. Until I figure it out, I’ll keep doing what I do and keep learning new techniques.


One thought on “Watch me teach?

  1. I had a lot of run. I think the teaching new members is fantastic and you'd should definately pursue teaching professionally! What about even one of those city offered classes through Parks and rec?


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