Stash Revealed

I finally managed to untangle all of my yarn. It went from this:
to this:
Yup, that’s my Box Stash. It’s all untangled, balled and sorted. 
But wait! There’s more!
There it is. My stash. Six canvas containers plus the giant mass of assorted balls, skeins and hanks that can’t fit in the bins. This is why I’m on a yarn diet. I was complaining that I didn’t have any yarn when clearly that as a lie. Lick it up. Bask in it. Then look at your stash and compare.
I have since reorganized the canvas bags so there is a bit more order. I’ve also purchased jumbo Hefty zip top bags so I can lump yarns together by weight and brand for future projects. 
This was my Spring Cleaning project. It feels good to be clean.

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