My Mommy Loves Me

Last week my mom told me I could have the yarn from a ski sweater she was making for her boyfriend… in 1974. I told her I’d take it. She also told me that she’d be cleaning out the storage space she has in my neck of the woods in exchange for a smaller one more in her county. There was a hint at yarn being hidden in the depths of the storage room and obviously I mentally bookmarked this information.

Well, she recently came back to me with a lovely surprise:

 This, right here, ladies and gentlemen, is a vintage stash of yarn circa 1974! Guess what else. It’s discontinued yarn! That’s right, you can’t get this yarn ANYWHERE except from my living room. It’s not an invitation. It’s a fact. If you’ll take a look at the top left corner of the picture, you’ll see seven cards of Red Heart mending yarn. I don’t exactly need it right now but I still took it.

Now, please direct your attention to the formerly sticky price tag. Your eyes do not deceive you. It really does say that each skein of yarn cost $0.66 from JCPenny. SIXTY-SIX CENTS! Have you any idea how much the cheapest yarn is from JoAnn Fabric? A skein of this weight, yardage and fiber costs $2.49. That’s inflation for ya.

Now, this is not the Abandoned Boyfriend Sweater. No, no, this is better. It’s unused! I have no idea what this was going to be or even if these two yarns were going to be used together (neither does my mom, or at least she didn’t say anything about its original purpose) but I’m very happy to add it to my stash. Most of my excitement comes from the fact that I now have orange. Months ago a friend asked if I had any orange yarn. I bombarded her with all the orange I had: neon Red Heart, pumpkin Debbie Bliss merino wool and some Lion Brand Lion’s Wool or Wool-Ease. The point is that I got rid of all my orange. And now I have been gifted some orange yarn just as I was beginning to scrap my idea for a rainbow baby blanket in exchange for some kind of Gap stripe from 2003. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “My Mommy Loves Me

  1. And I am still * loving* my orange yarn so far I've used half of it but still have quite a bit left ( plus more orange I bought after the fact) I too, I TRYING to use up my yarn stash before adding more… but I could really use some purple so we'll see


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