I had my suspicions

Earlier in the month a friend made a facebook post that made me believe she was with child. She spoke of her excitement for September. I thought Who else would be excited for a date seven months in the future other than future brides (done that) and new mothers (a good possibility)? Yesterday she unofficially spilled the beans by saying she thinks her husband is a great father-to-be. This makes six friends who are having babies. Six little babies who will be born late summer to early fall.

My plan was to make a blanket for each baby and one for my own when I’m finished. Usually I make bears but those are time gobblers and babies don’t care if they get a bear or a blanket. Bonus: babies will get more use out of a blanket than a bear. However, with the never-ending string of new pregnancies popping up I think I’ll keep knitting baby blankets until I can’t any more. This will keep me ahead of the curve in case any more babies are conceived. Do not worry!  I will still have the Great Blanket Grab in June.

It may seem like I’m using a lot of yarn for friends and I am, but here’s a secret: most of the acrylic yarn I have was acquired through a swap. Technically, this yarn was the stuff that was leftover after the yarn swap I hosted was done. I let my house be a Safe Haven for yarn and this is my effort to give it new meaning and show it some love. Yes, I am aware it’s just yarn but I can’t let a yarn be wasted and unused. I need to figure out something to do with it. If I can’t, I’ll put it up on my swap page on ravelry and hope some one else can give it purpose. Bottom line: IT’S FREE YARN! Why not spread some of my yarn fortune around?


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