Baby Blanket #1 – Hooded

BB1 is from The Baby Knits Book by Debbie Bliss. It’s from the “Cosy” section in the middle of the book. It’s a hooded blanket with a garter stitch border and seed stitch interior. It’s a bit hard to see the difference between the border and interior because I used a printed yarn (Lion Brand Jamie circus print in Peppermint). I still like it, though. Originally I thought it would be an after-bath type thing but I think it’ll be more of a swaddling device.

I’m rather proud of this blanket. I tried to make one before when I was pregnant with the Turtle but I drastically underestimated the amount of yarn I would need. Instead, I made the dimensions a bit smaller and it still didn’t work. Essentially, I came out with a glorified handkerchief. With a hood. I still have that blanket intact and it will be frogged. But this one was knit almost exactly as it was written. See, I have this special kind of disease where I have a very difficult time making something as it is written. I have to make some kind of change. This usually involves quite a bit of math. Anyhow, the only difference I made this time was in my choice of yarn. I used a yarn with a slightly smaller gauge than the pattern indicated. Since the blanket is a square, not a whole lot of math was involved (unlike my attempt to use a larger gauge yarn for the Mangold sweater. However, that project also involved some ribbing reconfiguration).

And this is all I’m going to post as far as pictures go for now. I have five preg-o’s who will get blankets and I’m not making anything with anyone in mind. Right now I’m working on gender non-specific things because they all are due after me and I’m the only one who has the inside scoop on baby gender. I don’t want anyone to get attached to anything so I’m only giving previews. And no, I don’t have a problem using the term “preg-o’s” since I am one and I am a previous member of the Preg-o Club.

I know not every one of them reads this blog. In fact, I am certain one of them doesn’t read this because she’s Chris’ friend and probably doesn’t know about my slightly insane Baby Blanket project. But in the name of Fairness in this invisible, anonymous internet world, I am creating a set of rules which foster patience in the long run and Playground Rules when the day arrives. This means I will post previews of the blankets on this blog as I finish them. When I’m ready to debut my creations, I will take Dibs on a first-come first-serve basis. Fair warning of the debut will be given to accommodate those living in a different time zone. Mailing addresses must be PM’d on Facebook where the debut will be launched. Twenty-four hours of open viewing will precede Dibs, then it’s all fair game. A blog will follow Dibs including full pictures of the blankets and where it will be going.

Now I’m off to make BB2 using a feather and fan lace technique. EXEUNT!


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