I’ve put out three requests for some yarn. Two have come back negatively: one woman is primarily selling her yarn to raise money for her local library’s renovation, the other didn’t like any of my stuff because she only knits big projects. My yarn quantities don’t accommodate such things (unless you like intarsia).

I know I want a lot of yarn and I know what I have in my trade stash is kind of crap. That’s why it’s in there. I know this is an almost impossible quest but still, I must try.

I’ve been looking for Rowan Ribbon Twist and I think next I’ll look for Big Wool by Rowan. However, I think I’m going about this great yarn search all wrong. According to the pattern, the yarn used is Brown Sheep’s Burley Spun yet uses a needle two sizes larger than the recommended size. The pattern has no indication why. Am I supposed to get a yarn for a size 13 and use a size 17? Should I get a yarn appropriate for a size 17? I can only guess that she built it this way because she was a beginner at the time and needed the extra slack. Maybe the extra slack is needed regardless since it’s such an intricate cable pattern. All of it is conjecture at this point.

But there is hope at the end of this weird rainbow. The pattern author posted an update last month on ravelry that states she’s revising the pattern since she uses weird abbreviations and there are some problems with the pattern itself. My biggest concern: how much yarn do I need to procure? Right now I’m estimating 660 yds. max. Her preliminary revisions state I’ll need one more skein (138 yds.). The yarns I’m looking at come in skeins of around 90 yds. All I want to know is HOW MANY FUCKING YARDS AM I GOING TO NEED? Once I get yards, then I can figure out skeins. Once I figure out the method to her madness I can figure out what yarn I need. Once I get THAT figured out, I’ll have to make my trade page more enticing. Or I could wait until October 12 and buy new yarn.

In any case, I will wait for the revision and go from there.

At least now I can concentrate on the mass of baby stuff I am going to make and put this Lyric Tree pattern aside for a bit. This makes things a lot easier. Now I have only one (six) project(s) I need to focus on.


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