It’s an epidemic

Thanks to the wonderful news brought to me by Chris, I now know of five OTHER babies who will be brought into this world this summer or beyond. Six counting me. At least now I know what to do with all that Red Heart yarn I obtained through those swaps.

Five. That’s a lot.

I know no one expects some kind of knit something from me but I like to do it. I mean, who wouldn’t want something handmade specifically for them? I’ll admit that my “generosity” is also a bit selfish.

  1. I get to show off my craftiness in a world that doesn’t necessarily hand-craft things.
  2. It helps dwindle my stash.
  3. I get to use my nemesis Red Heart.

Let me explain that last one. I am not a fan of that cheap acrylic Red Heart yarn popular with Wal-Marts the world over. Some of it is actually fluffy and nice. What I reference is kind of horrible. It has little to no movement, smells and feels like plastic and I would never wear it. However, it’s PERFECT as a child’s toy. It’s durable, machine washable and will last forever. I’m not really a fan of making blankets out of the stuff. I don’t see the point.

Blankets are supposed to be cuddly and fluffy; something you would want to spend all day under. It should retain a little heat so when you come back from that minute-long bathroom break on a lazy day, you can easily get back to that comfy warm instead of spending 10 minutes getting there. I like to make blankets out of natural fibers: merino wool (a favorite), wool, a wool blend, a cashmere blend, cotton. Don’t think I’m Mrs. Moneybags. Cashmere blends are reserved for baby blankets. I’m not crazy. Hmm. I guess that makes me kind of crazy but it’s not as bad as you think. On a side note: I live and die for Debbie Bliss yarn. To quote Rachel Zoe, “I literally die.”

Back to the point: I have blanket standards. However, I don’t want to make a blanket for a baby and find out the hard way (through rash or other allergic reaction) that my blanket is of NO use since it could kill the infant. This gives me the option of cotton or acrylic. I don’t have a whole lot of cotton but I have a shit-ton of acrylic. My nicer, comfier acrylic is in assorted shades of black and gray with some pinks and Kelly Greens (yes, greens, plural) thrown in. I’m not too sure how keen new mommies are going to be wrapping their little bundles of joy up in a gray and black striped blanket. Not everyone is an Addams.

This leads me back to my nemesis Red Heart. Oh, the colors I have. I could make a neon psychedelic blanket. I could make a subdued hue blanket. I could make a variegated blanket. I could make a blanket with a giant (or several small) black (or hot pink) sheep on it. The world is mine with Red Heart. We are enemies aligned for the common good.

Please, Future Mommies, don’t think I hate you or your future children if I send you something and it is made out of Red Heart. I won’t tell you. You’ll have to do the investigating yourself. Just know that a lot of care and work went into the planning and execution of your gift. Though I have ill feelings towards the material, I have much love for you and yours. That is why I do this.

I love knitting. It makes me happy. I want to spread my happiness to the world, one (tiny) person at a time.


3 thoughts on “It’s an epidemic

  1. I'm not pregnant nor planning it anytime soon so you're safe from having to make anything for me 🙂 But really, your knitted creations are Amazing and the babies who get your gifts are lucky no matter what kind of yarn it's made out of!


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