I must be stopped

My friend Renee has been looking at this knitting pattern called the Lyric Tree. It’s a half-sleeve sweater with a hood and a deep V front. The amazing part is the cabled back which looks like a tree. She was a bit apprehensive about making the sweater but was delighted to show it to us at our monthly knitting group. Someone suggested we all do it together so if any of us runs into a problem, there will be others who could help out.


But here comes my problem. This yarn diet doesn’t allow for fun exciting projects using new yarn. Unfortunately, I don’t have any thick yarn. This pattern calls for Super Bulky yarn knit on a US 17 needle. I only have two skeins of such a yarn totaling 174 yds. when I need around 600 yds. Shit.

On to ravelry.com I go! Ravelry.com is a fantastic knitting and crocheting community where I can look at projects other knitters are working on. I can also find patterns, fellow knitters and (the best part) people who have yarn they want to trade. It’s fantastic. I spent a few hours on ravelry.com and yarndex.com (a yarn index, duh) cross-referencing yarns that can be knit on US 17 needles with available yarns in “trade” stashes. Let me tell you, it’s a hard job finding a person who has 600 yds. of yarn up for trade or sale. Luckily, I found two ladies in the US who have what I could use. I messaged them and now I wait.

And wait.

And wait.

This shouldn’t be such a problem but there is a lot of time between Saturday night and Monday morning and I’m getting anxious! Revealing how many times I’ve been on ravelry looking for a message would be embarrassing. I know not everyone looks at their ravelry account as obsessively as I do but I JUST WANT TO START THIS PROJECT!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! This moment of frustration has been brought to you by Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown: an American institution since 1950.

This obsession is why I must be stopped. All I can think of is this pattern. And the yarn I don’t have. And the two ladies who have what I want and won’t message me back let alone check their ravelry accounts with ANY REGULARITY SO I CAN GET MY DAMN YARN AND START MY DAMN PROJECT! Whoever said knitting was relaxing clearly never had to wait for a yarn fix.

So now I’m trying to pass the time by making lots of baby stuff. On top of my own pregnancy, I know four more friends who are having babies. All of them are due in August which means I have to get these projects done by June so I can focus on my own birth in July. I’m already about 1/3 through a hooded blanket. I’m thinking of knitting everything and then posting pictures on facebook and letting these gals duke it out in cyberspace. We’ll see.

Until I get some kind of response, I’ll have to start practicing Zen in the Art of Waiting.


3 thoughts on “I must be stopped

  1. I want to see photos. Baby stuff is so cute. I bet those women signed up and forgot about their accounts. They should give you their phone number so you can call and harass them.


  2. I'm sorry for instigating this insanity! It'll all work out, have no fear! We can start it Whenever! it's not like I don't have a million other things to work on 🙂


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