"Doug can read."

For those of you who don’t know, that is a quote from the movie The Cutting Edge.  I usually use that quote when I misread things, which I occasionally do.

Today’s misread tale comes courtesy of JAMIE by Lion Brand Yarns. It showed a gauge for knitting which let me know that using a US#6 needle 14 rows/10 sts would yield a 2″ square. I did my calculations for a 26″x26″ blanket. After knitting for 1.75″ I decided to take some measurements because I wasn’t confident in the amount of yarn I had in relation to the amount of work I had done. It turns out I had cast on enough stitches for a 35″ blanket. Wait, what? How did that happen?

Genius over here used the wrong number. Had I read the gauge guide correctly, I would have known that there were 10 sts per two inches, not 14. Ten. Those little letters after the numbers actually MEAN something! Wow. Genius.

It’s time to frog and begin anew.


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