8-11 days later, I’m finished

Tonight, I finished the Doctor Who Scarf sweater.
Victor loves it. I’m glad because I don’t have to work on it anymore.

Here is my horror:
I had to set the sleeves in twice. The first time I did it, they were off by about half-an-inch. I’m happy I had the forethought to line everything up to see how it would work out. Great.

Next, I sewed up one side and it worked BEAUTIFULLY which should have been an omen for the rough time I had with the second side. Oh, the second side. First I couldn’t get the stripes to look like the other side. Naturally, I couldn’t see if the stripes matched since they’re irregular. SO I got half way up the side and the pulled out my work. Twice. The third time I decided to start on a different side (right opposed to left) and the stripes looked great. It wasn’t until I got to the seam at the arm that I found out that I could have continued the way I ORIGINALLY started because there was ONE STITCH hanging out in space without a partner on the other side. Mother. Fucker.
Whatever. If I’m going to fudge it, it’s going to be at the arm pit. I mean, that’s what they’re there for, right?
I cocked up somewhere on ONE STITCH AGAIN making the stripes uneven but this one was a lot easier to find and fix than my previous cock-ups.
Add three buttons.
And I’m done.

This is the base of my next project: a scarf and a hat. This is something requested of me so I’ll have to put together a swatch or two to submit for approval but at least she likes the colors. I’m thinking linen stitch…

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